A brief explanation for what the customer area can serve:


Your data

We provide you with data such as contracts, agreements, test reports, etc. You can also upload your own files - no photo albums and the like, please.



The calendar should help you to visualize the occupancy of your finca. You know who will be on the finca for how long. The calendar also helps us plan our resources. If the finca is occupied, we carry out pool and garden service as normal without other instructions, but we do without the finca service (so we do not go into the house). Important: we do not take action on our own due to your calendar appointments. For example, if you would like house cleaning before arrival or if everything should be cleaned again after departure, please instruct accordingly. Please use the calendar, it makes it easier for you and us to work together.



We have developed forms for some administrative processes.


Calle Gabriel Garau, No 20, 07570 Artà, Illes Balears, Spain


Tel. +34 8711 53640, Mo to Fr 08 to 17 o'clock

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